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Dazzle your audience with a spectacular show!
The world's best trial bikers, skate boarders, BMX-ers, free runners, monocyclists and other insane athletes are ready to create a perfect show for you.
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Onze atleten nemen hun job aux-sérieux maar zijn knettergek als het op het bedenken van tricks en moves aankomt. Wat je ook zoekt, GetInsane. overtreft gegarandeerd je stoutste verwachtingen.  
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teaser Sven Nys Cycling center We zijn volop bezig aan de parcours het Mtb route is al klaar en uitvoerig gestest.
Andere parcours zijn voorzien voor 2 september. ( mtb,biketrial,cx,BMX, enduro)
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The bandits dream Living life to the fullust almost like it is a dream
Powerd by: bmw juma , jitsie trials, get insane , mp3drinks, carre, tomtombandit
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insane santa 2 The get insane team wishes you a merry christmas and a happy newyear.
With famous guest Sven nys.
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Clips from our team rider brent !! Follow this insane man !! @brent_minne @brent_minne #getinsaneteam #getinsane



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kona Honzo By Iciar Van den Bergh 4 times belgium biktrial champion en kona ambassador testen the new honzo. 219 0 77 secs
Jitsie behind the scenes van out the box project !!

#getinsane #jitsie
📽Out of the Box - behind the scenes ft. Iciar van den Bergh
Get Insane. heeft de video van Jitsie gedeeld.
Insane Santa ! Insane Santa !!

Get insane Wants to wish you a Merry Christmas And a happy new year !!

Pleas folow os on facebook and check ower website:
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Tijdlijnfoto's Team rider @steffenbmx winning a fise competion !!#getinsane #getinsaneteam
Westende showtime !! show @ Westende by the get inane team all filmed with tomtombandit
#tomtombandit music by putty
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AG Memorial Van Damme Realisatie van het get insane team !! met team member Geert Meeusen
Premier rendez-vous ce samedi à Liège !
Zaterdag gaan we van start in Luik!
Get Insane. heeft de video van AG Memorial Van Damme gedeeld.
Tijdlijnfoto's Slackline workshop met Get insane @ Zoutleeuw #getinsaneteam #getinsane
TomTom Bandit and get insane proud to announce we will be working with TOMTOM Bandit camera's for 2016 !!
You can expect minimum one video every month off one off the team riders.

#tomtom #tomtombandit #getinsane
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Jitsie New movie by teamrider Iciar Van den Bergh !!
Why don't we do something different? Let's do a video showing insane trials skills and tricks...but then turn off the lights to create a pitch black building. Oh yeah...let's not forget ...
Tijdlijnfoto's Rent a skate park @ the get Insane !! #getinsaneteam #getinsane
Foto's uit het bericht van Get Insane. 🤘🏼
Get Insane. heeft 2 nieuwe foto's toegevoegd.
Jitsie Team rider Iciar van den bergh his new project !
TEASER 🎥OUT OF THE BOX ft. Iciar van den Bergh 💡We felt like doing something different 😉Some mad trials skills and tricks in bright fluo yellow inside a pitch black ...
WAR - Official Teaser #1 by Insane Visuals WAR
Official Teaser #1
Insane Visuals
Iciar Van Den Bergh
Trial Bike
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get insane life ... trailer Follow the get insane boys for 2 weekends:

Aarschot extreme, bikemotion utrecht en show gezindsbond oostende.

thanks to replay xd
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#hgt mini edit Just some clips when we where waiting for holland got talent auditions. 430 0 90 secs
Get insane push ups By firstclass nutritions 238 0 334 secs
Get insane skate Maarten Van den Bossche Mini edit off Maarten Van den Bossche.

Get insane Skater. Soon more crazy skate news and edits.
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Get Insane @ decathlon between shows we had some fun !
Skate, Bmx, trial and scooter
for all your extreme sport shows:
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Get insane Game of bike First get insane Game of bike with Stijn Hens and Rodrique Timellini

#getinsane #mp3drinks #gameofbike #nodrugs #waxx
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mp3 drinks energized test!! after a long day of shows we tested if the mp3 drinks really work !!

140cm sidehop in the rain.
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