Get Insane Shows

Do not just say ‘show’ to a getinsane show. Where others stuntteams stop getinsane goes further !

This team is committed to amaze the audience with the most diverse stunts and crazy tricks. The strength lies in the variety that getinsane is offering , aswell as the athletes and the various disciplines . Getinsane always provides the necessary interaction with the public , so beware don’t just sit there and look good !Add to that a nice atmosphere and nice ambiance and you have a blast of a show .

Who, what, where , why?

  • For all events big and small. From garden party to festival !
  • Get insane takes care of all the necessary equipment ( elements to music, you do not need to be provided)
  • Tailored to the client: We apply our show as well as possible to the capabilities of the client.
  • New and challenging way of promo : Want to do something different if you default promo girls!
  • private label : for large customers we make shows in their name . Vb Bobbejaanland the battle !
  • Choice of Very wide range sports: bmx , trial , skateboard , mono , parkour ..
  • Very new cool way of entertainment : we reach the youth !
  • Get insane tells your story : Do you have a story or product that you want to bring to the man ? Nothing better than using get insane .
  • Unique combination of extreme sports that can be found nowhere else !
  • In short, spectacular, energetic , professional and tailored to the customer ! We tell your story the way insane !



Wheelies vs horsies
The Battle show is a get insane production

Jim TV




Belguim got talent


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