BikeTrial & MonoTrial

Biketrial is probably the most technical and spectaculair discipline you can do using a bicycle. Trial-athletes show their incredible skill on their bike by concering various obstacles,  both natural ( rocks, logs,…) and artificial (buildings, scaffolds,…). Huge jumps and seemingly impossible tricks are a piece of cake for them. One important rule: Don’t put your foot down!

Similar to BikeTrial is Monotrial: a rarity in Belgium but also very admirable : trial on a unicycle!



Freestyle BMX

Bmx: Everybody remembers de BMX-hype of the 80’s. Since then, that hype has grown into a self-sustaining, fully grown sport that combines technique, creativity and of course an “insane attitude”. Result: The most crazy bike jumps you’ll ever see! BMX’ers can ride pretty much everything you put in from of them, whether it be a rail for grinding, a jump, or a quarterpipe! Our INSANE BMX’ers entertain the audience with complicated tricks that guarantee a spectacle!


Skateboarding is probably the extreme sport you’re best familiar with: with only a board, 4 wheels and their own physical strength, our skaters try the most impressive stunts, which guarantees sensation!


Parkour / Freerunning

The most important thing in freerunning and parkour is to get past a series of obstacles as fast and as smooth as possible with just your body to help you get through. Your heart will skip a beat when you see our freerunners at work: jumps from several meters above the ground, flips and climbing techniques you’ve never seen before. Cars, trees, buildings, walls, roofs,… are all obstacles which are used in this sport. “Did-you-know” fact : parcour was originally developed as a military technique, and became popular as a sport through videos and documentaries.


uitleg fmx



uitleg Slackline


uitleg step



uitleg Dance


uitlef fmx


And other extreme sports:

We are constantly expanding our team for more sports athletes and artists.

So if you have a question about a different extreme sports such as fmx, blade, freestyle football … or other animation you name it, we can help you with it.