Rodrigue Timellini

(trial, bmx)
Rodrigue Timellini <h6>(trial, bmx)</h6>

geboren : 21-04-1991



18 jaar ervaring met trial, 6 jaar met BMX



7 times Belgian champion 2003, winner of the trials world young games 2004-2007, many podiums on world young games 2008, Third place in European championships in Junior class/ 7 at worlds 2008, Winner of the Benelux cup class elite 2009, Third place in Junior 20” at the world championships at Canberra 2009, Top 10 at the UCI Ranking in 20”


10de op de bmx worlds cologne 2013 (PARK)

waarom BMX / trial :

Riding is my life, my way to express myself. I love the way we are sharing this with friends, we work on goals together and when it’s done it’s the best feeling ever